more meeting spillover

- Gnome goals for 3.8:

We adopted a few gnome goals as 'official' goals last cycle, and I
think that was fairly successful as a means of getting stuff done. I
propose that we should do so again this cycle.
First, we should probably look over which of last cycle's goals are
ready to be retired: - this is now
solely waiting for settings list. Settingslist functionality has been
implemented and is available in a branch. Its merge is blocking on
finding people who can implement the backend functionality for win32
and osx. So, we should probably keep this on, and try to drum up some
people with the skills do to that work. I'll try to post about it. - pretty much
completely done for gnome modules. There's a long tail of 3rd party
stuff on that page, but I think we should retire that page, since it
is done as far as gnome is concerned. - plenty of work left
here, not ready to retire. - good
progress here, but still a few modules left to fix. - not quite done yet. -
pretty much done. - didn't really
get started last cycle. - this was only recently added. - we rejected python3
dependencies last cycle, this goal is to track the work

I've added 3 new goals too, recently: - this is for the
notification filtering that has been proposed as a 3.8 feature. It
needs to wait until it is clear how exactly we want to do this. - making
gnome-shell search better by adding keywords to desktop files. - make sure all
apps have a highcontrast icon, to improve the a11y theme.

My proposal is:

Retire XDGConfigFolders, NewDocumentationInfrastructure

Adopt LibsecretMigration, PrintToFile, Python3Porting,
DesktopFileKeywords, HighContrastAppIcons as 3.8 goals

Comments ?

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