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On 28 October 2012 04:20, Matthias Clasen <matthias clasen gmail com> wrote:
> - Gnome goals for 3.8:
> We adopted a few gnome goals as 'official' goals last cycle, and I
> think that was fairly successful as a means of getting stuff done. I
> propose that we should do so again this cycle.
> First, we should probably look over which of last cycle's goals are
> ready to be retired:
> - this is now
> solely waiting for settings list. Settingslist functionality has been
> implemented and is available in a branch. Its merge is blocking on
> finding people who can implement the backend functionality for win32
> and osx. So, we should probably keep this on, and try to drum up some
> people with the skills do to that work. I'll try to post about it.
> - pretty much
> completely done for gnome modules. There's a long tail of 3rd party
> stuff on that page, but I think we should retire that page, since it
> is done as far as gnome is concerned.
> - plenty of work left
> here, not ready to retire.
> - good
> progress here, but still a few modules left to fix.
> - not quite done yet.

GNOME core component are totally done.
The only remaining "official" apps (in -tested metamodule)  are
modules in -apps:

- gnome-applets (probably not worth porting as we are planning to
remove fallback mode)
- gupnp-dlna
- rygel

> -
> pretty much done.

Yeah, only one module pending: gnome-devel-docs

> - didn't really
> get started last cycle.
> - this was only recently added.
> - we rejected python3
> dependencies last cycle, this goal is to track the work
> I've added 3 new goals too, recently:
> - this is for the
> notification filtering that has been proposed as a 3.8 feature. It
> needs to wait until it is clear how exactly we want to do this.
> - making
> gnome-shell search better by adding keywords to desktop files.
> - make sure all
> apps have a highcontrast icon, to improve the a11y theme.
> My proposal is:
> Retire XDGConfigFolders, NewDocumentationInfrastructure

Id left NewDocumentationInfrastructure there untils the last module get ported

> Adopt LibsecretMigration, PrintToFile, Python3Porting,
> DesktopFileKeywords, HighContrastAppIcons as 3.8 goals

I think its a good plan

Also Id like to add a GnomeGoal to stop using x11 specific api,
so prepare GNOME for future use of wayland for example.
Any objection on this?


Javier Jardón Cabezas

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