minutes for 2012-10-27 meeting

This discussion got cut short because we started with a small group
(fredp wasn't able to attend, and when Andre left, we only had 3, which
 is really to small to make decisions)

Matthias suggests we follow up on list for the remaining items.  Also,
we can reschedule another meeting for tomorrow if that would help.  At
least jjardon could make Sunday?

= People =

Alejandro Piñeiro
Colin Walters
Matthias Clasen
Andre Klapper (for 1/2)

= Agenda =

* 3.6 Process
* systemd/CK
* fallback mode
* Potential r-t membership changes
* Release assignments for 3.7.x
* First comments on 3.8 feature proposals?:
* gnome goals for 3.8
* python3 goal
* add gnome-clocks to apps 'officially' ?

= 3.6 Process =

- Some agreement it went generally well
- <mclasen> nautilus was a bit of an outlier, because it wasn't
preannounced, causing unnecessary friction
- we're not getting any response to break requests post .0  (andre to
post to list)
- 3.6.2 is scheduled for Nov 14

= Systemd/CK =

- No hard compile time dep on systemd for "basic functionality"
  example of basic functionality: active session tracking
  example of non-basic functionality: power management
- Collaborate more between modules
- Need active people maintaining CK bits ideally in tree

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