Re: reviewing gnome goals

On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 5:32 PM, Javier Jardón <jjardon gnome org> wrote:

>> GnomeGoals/AppletsDbusMigration - I don't think this is very relevant
>> anymore and should probably be retired
> Agree
>> GnomeGoals/AboutDialog - probably not much left to do for this other
>> than busywork and turning all the fields green
> Agree

Ok, I've moved these 2 to 'Retired' now

>> GnomeGoals/ModernAutotools - Some of the recommendations in there are
>> a bit controversial, but one thing we may want anyway is 'support
>> automake 1.12'
> Could you mention the controversial items?

'unnessary dependency on automake 1.11'
'no need to use 1.11.1 specifically'

> - GnomeGoals/PortToGDBus: Port to GDBus from dbus-glib A lot of
> modules have been already ported, see tracker bug [1]. Only wirte a
> wiki page for the goal is needed.
> - GnomeGoals/NewDocumentationInfraestructure: [2] We currently have
> modules that use the old gnome-doc-utils and others that are using the
> new yelp-tools. Try to fix this. Tha patches are trivial so Its easy
> to achieve
> - GnomeGoals/PortToGStreamer1: We already anounced that this will be
> the version supported and used in GNOME 3.6

These sound like useful cleanup efforts to track in a goal page.

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