Re: reviewing gnome goals

Matthias Clasen wrote:

> Here is my recommendation for goals to 'adopt':
> GnomeGoals/GSettingsMigration
> GnomeGoals/XDGConfigFolders - these 2 are actively being worked on,
> and we should just push for completion instead of dragging it out
> GnomeGoals/PortToGtkApplication
> GnomeGoals/PortToGMenu - these 2 are important for making our app
> story come together
> GnomeGoals/RemoveMarkupInMessages - because it is nice to have some
> goal that involves non-developers, and because it is easy, concrete
> and useful

I'm fine with those; I'll try to get some automated reports for those;
if anybody wants to help with this, be my guest, it's really easy,
it's just a matter of writing a script inspecting a module sources to
determine if it's relevant, or not.

For example
is built with a script that is basically this one:

  import os, sys
  if os.path.exists(''):
      configure = file('').read()
  elif os.path.exists(''):
      configure = file('').read()
  if 'dbus-glib-1' in configure:
      print 'this module uses dbus-glib-1'

Also there are also some facilities for checking source code for given
symbols, for reports like this one, checking for G_CONST_RETURN usage:

And there is support for taking lists of bug numbers or false
positives out of a wiki page.


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