Re: reviewing gnome goals

Javier Jardón wrote:

> - GnomeGoals/NewDocumentationInfraestructure: [2] We currently have
> modules that use the old gnome-doc-utils and others that are using the
> new yelp-tools. Try to fix this. Tha patches are trivial so Its easy
> to achieve

This reminds me of a good reason for some sort of discussion period
for GNOME goals, in this case patches were submitted, and applied,
while the required infrastructure was not in place on,
that was a loss for a really small gain.

> - GnomeGoals/PortToGStreamer1: We already anounced that this will be
> the version supported and used in GNOME 3.6

I don't think we need to use GnomeGoals for things that apply to an
handful of modules, this would be the case (imho), or with a potential
"port to WebKit 2" goal.


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