Re: meeting materials: what is gnome

Matthias Clasen wrote:
> Here is a revised version, incorporating Andre's feedback. More
> feedback still welcome.


| The GNOME project is primarily united around a single effort -- the
| creation of the GNOME desktop experience.

Here and in multiple places it says "desktop", but we have seen design
decisions and code changes made on the idea of running on tablets, and
sometimes the desktop usecase seemed secondary.

An example would be the new lock screen with "swipe to unlock", it
took some emails to make sure pressing a key would also work, and it
may still be less convenient for mouse users.

How do we take this trend in consideration, when defining what is

| For the purposes of this document, the meta-gnome-core jhbuild
| module can serve as a definition of GNOME.

Shouldn't this be "as a definition of the GNOME Desktop"? or it moves
apps such as cheese, evolution, gnome-documents, totem, etc. out of

Then we do not have in that document a definition of what is a GNOME
application, is this important?


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