Re: expanding the Linux System definition with OIN


while looking at older threads here, I came across the OIN thread [1]
and had a look at the OIN list of Gnome modules covered [2],
searching for the Gnome modules that I maintain. Apart from the outdated
versions listed (which I gather you intend to get them to update), I
found an inaccurate description of vte, our terminal emulator library: 

"VTE provides high-fidelity e-learning delivered right to your Web
browser, which means that VTE combines three unique capabilities:
On-demand lecture in the form of video, audio presentations, and
demonstrations. Hands-on lab environments. A learning management system
to manage enrollments and track"

That's completely bogus, of course. Can you get them to fix that
description, please?

Also, Aisleriot isn't listed; any idea if that is a deliberate




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