Re: Next R-T meeting

sorry for my late answer. Was offline (hiking in the mountains) for the
last days.

I won't make it on Tuesday (might take a look at IRC from time to time,
but rather busy moving to a new flat && two appointments at 18:00UTC).
Wednesday will likely work.

Summarizing previous ability info posts:

Proposing 17:00 UTC

Date:      | Tues10 | Wed11 |
Alejandro  |   OK      OK
Andre      |   --      OK
Colin      |   OK      OK
Frederic   |   OK      OK
Javier     |   OK      OK
Kjartan    |   OK      --
Luca       |   --     Maybe
Matthias   |   OK     Only at 18:00
Olav       |   OK      OK

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