expanding the Linux System definition with OIN

I received this request from Keith Bergelt of OIN - they're expanding
the Linux System definition for OIN, which would be very useful to have
apply to as many packages that are helpful to GNOME as possible (as they
would get patent protection from all of OIN's members).

>    I have a short fuse request - do you or anyone in your community
> have
> any revisions or new software packages that Gnome would like to
> nominate
> for inclusion in OIN's Linux System Definition.  Deb mentioned that,
> at the
> very least, she thought there were some versioning updates that we
> could
> do.  We welcome those and any other package nominations.  I believe I
> mentioned this mid-year further LS update I want to do, but sorry to
> be
> tardy in formalizing my request for nominations.   As I am having a
> Technical Committee meeting in Tokyo on Monday the 4th to review
> nominations, getting these version corrections and new nominations
> would be
> appreciated soonest.

I asked him for guidance so that we weren't nominating packages that
were too far afield and he said: these should be pretty conservative and
either kernel related and threaded thereto

The packages currently included, with their version numbers, are here:

and here:

Do any of you have any suggestions? I'd ordinarily love to coordinate with
KDE and others, but with such a tight turn around, we'll have to try that
next time...

thanks so much!

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