Re: shell freeze break request


2011/9/7 William Jon McCann <william jon mccann gmail com>:
>>> Logo.  The old fallback login screen has a way to specify an optional
>>> logo at the login screen.  This was added for site administrators to
>>> brand their lab machines, and distros also use it to add branding.  We
>>> don't want to show any sort of logo by default, so this one would only
>>> get shown after changing a gsettings key.
>> +1 if the designers agree
> What does it look like?
As Florian pointed out, i stuffed it in the power screenshot so I
wouldn't have to do 3 different ones:

But don't pay too much attention to the logo. It's a mythical logo I
spent 5 minutes in the gimp making.

Here's one with a fedora logo:

and of course here's what it looks like by default with no
vendor/admin overrides:


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