Re: shell freeze break request

On 6 September 2011 21:48, Ray Strode <halfline gmail com> wrote:
> Hey guys,

Hello Ray,

> There are a few bugs that I think would be really worthwhile to get in
> for a better 3.2 login story:
> Fingerprint reader support for login.  We had this feature in 3.0, but
> I didn't get it added in the initial cut of the shell based greeter.

+1 from me

> Shutdown menu.  The initial design for the login screen lacked a way
> to power off the machine (without first logging in).  Given we've
> historically told people one way to power off the machine is to first
> log out, this is kind of contradictory.

+1 from me, but I guess we are going to revise this for 3.4

> Logo.  The old fallback login screen has a way to specify an optional
> logo at the login screen.  This was added for site administrators to
> brand their lab machines, and distros also use it to add branding.  We
> don't want to show any sort of logo by default, so this one would only
> get shown after changing a gsettings key.

+1 if the designers agree

Javier Jardón Cabezas

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