Re: String freeze break request for gnome-panel (& big code freeze break)


> Also a bit of a warning: fredp wants me to finish the "minimize
> difference between fallback & shell" bug, which possibly means a few
> other strings (that are all in gnome-shell, in the user menu). But I
> don't want to block things on this.

Vincent agreed to do the magic to reuse the strings already translated
for gnome-shell to reduce the load on translators.

> Of those 17 strings, 15 are in schemas (so really not visible, except in
> dconf-editor; and has magic to let you ignore those), and
> 2 are error messages displayed in extremely unlikely cases:
>  "Cannot create initial panel layout.\n"
>  "Launcher location is not set, cannot load launcher\n"

Those are displayed in the UI, right? Because otherwise we more or less
agreed to not translate messages that are thrown to the command-line
(using g_warning/error) as it makes it more difficult to debug things.

> Again, this all happens way too late and I'm very well aware of that.
> But I think this is all important for the 3.0 fallback story.
> Is release team happy with merging those changes?

Overall this is considerable really late but I assume that the
release-team has great interest in releasing with a 3.0 panel and as
such I won't be in that way. Basically we are talking about 2 UI strings
which should be doable in about a week (and even those are very unlikely
to ever appear).

So 1 of 2 from i18n.


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