String freeze break request for gnome-panel (& big code freeze break)

Hi there,

Over the past week, I've worked on the panel to make sure the fallback
mode would be a bit more maintainable in 3.x. This includes a port to
GSettings, and more (see below).

Also a bit of a warning: fredp wants me to finish the "minimize
difference between fallback & shell" bug, which possibly means a few
other strings (that are all in gnome-shell, in the user menu). But I
don't want to block things on this.

For translators, the impact is:
 + 13 fuzzy strings
 + 4 new strings

Of those 17 strings, 15 are in schemas (so really not visible, except in
dconf-editor; and has magic to let you ignore those), and
2 are error messages displayed in extremely unlikely cases:
 "Cannot create initial panel layout.\n"
 "Launcher location is not set, cannot load launcher\n"

The rationale for the (admittedly way too late) change is that
gnome-panel has a strong compatibility story in general (2.32.x can load
a 2.0.x configuration), and this comes with a price, given the way the
panel is configurable. So for 3.0, we don't want to have to deal with
gconf configuration; which means the port to GSettings is quite

The other important changes in the branch I have are the following (they
do not impact translations):
  - Remove popup menu for items in applications menu
  - Remove drawers
  - Remove compatibility with 2.x configuration
  - Start 3.0 panel with brand new configuration
  - Drop per-applet Lock setting
  - Support 3.0 lockdown settings
  - Correctly display "Lock screen" menu item
  - Make it easy for applets to store their settings in GSettings

It's all in

(I didn't cc gnome-doc-list, btw, based on feedback from Shaun)

Again, this all happens way too late and I'm very well aware of that.
But I think this is all important for the 3.0 fallback story.

Is release team happy with merging those changes?


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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