String change request for Evolution

I've diagnosed a bug in Lotus Domino IMAP server that we need to work
around in Evolution's IMAP client:

The simple workaround is to disable multi-part fetches and just get the
whole message in one go. That code path *is* tested, because we were
doing it for small messages anyway. 

Doing it for large messages means that the connection is blocked while
the whole of the message is downloaded, so other, higher-priority user
requests can't be handled — and it means that the progress indication
doesn't work. That's why it was never an option before, but it *does*
suffice to work around the server bug, so it does seem to be necessary.

So I'd like permission to break the string freeze to add this option.

If anyone has improved suggestions for the English strings to use, that
would make me happy.

I wanted to do a positive option for "Fetch messages in multiple parts,
to allow better responsiveness", which would default to TRUE. But when
we upgrade Evolution, any new option will be assumed to be FALSE in any
pre-existing account. So AFAICT it has to be a *negative* option, along
the lines of "Fetch messages in one part".

David Woodhouse                            Open Source Technology Centre
David Woodhouse intel com                              Intel Corporation

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