Re: possible freeze break: pyatspi2 should raise LookupError forIPC errors

On Fri, 25 Mar 2011, Frederic Peters wrote:

Mike Gorse wrote:

Pyatspi2 is raising different exceptions from the original pyatspi
in the case of an IPC error.  This causes problems with Orca and
LDTP since they have code that expects specific exceptions, and with
pyatspi2 they are getting exceptions that they do not expect,
leading to tracebacks and test failures.

I've tested with orca and Firefox and with some event monitoring
code based on the code in Accerciser.

The patch adds a wrapper function to convert exceptions and modifies
functions to use it.

There has been a patch already to orca to catch RuntimeException; is
this still releavant? Should the orca commit be reverted?

Okay; that is one less program then which would be dependent on this patch, so now it is just LDTP that I know about which would be affected by the change. Either way, I don't see a need to revert the Orca patch.

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