Re: Gtk2-Perl: tarball uploads to master.g.o

On 19.03.2011 17:44, Olav Vitters wrote:
I'm planning to severely restrict the shell access to,
so I want all issues resolved in a nice way. I think if we'd:
1. have perl-*.tar.xz on
2. some way to link the bindings to GNOME versions

We could update our scripts to understand above.

Uploading tarballs will be allowed btw. I think to link tarball names I
probably just define a file 'perl-$GNOME_VER.versions', with contents:
   # module:version

Then our scripts could understand this... and to link perl bindings to
GNOME versions, you could just upload this special file with
install-module (IMPORTANT: before a GNOME release).

This sounds doable, yes. But by now I'm not convinced anymore that having our tarballs on has any advantage for us or for GNOME. We already have two well-known places where we put our tarballs: CPAN and I doubt many people use to get our tarballs.* So maybe all this special-casing that you'd need to implement is not worth the effort and we should just stop distributing our tarballs on altogether?

* Do you have any download statistics to check my suspicion?

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