Re: Gtk2-Perl: tarball uploads to master.g.o

On Sun, Nov 21, 2010 at 01:07:35PM +0100, Torsten Schoenfeld wrote:
> I'm in the process of passing over the release engineering job for
> the gkt2-perl modules to Florian Ragwitz (CCed).  For a GNOME
> release I used to upload the relevant tarballs to ~/gtk2-perl/x.y.z
> on  I wonder if that is still useful to you and if
> we should continue doing it?
> This stunt would not be necessary if we just uploaded our tarballs
> in the usual way to  There are two problems with
> this: our tarball names and our versioning scheme.  As stated in the
> discussion about this two years ago, we're willing to change the
> tarball names to include something like 'perl-' but we'd like to
> keep our versioning scheme.  The discussion ended with me offering
> to adjust the install-module code (to maybe have an explicit option
> that tells it which GNOME version the given tarball belongs to).  I
> got no reply at the time.

Apologies, seems nobody from us responded (again)..

I've been rewriting the install-module script and the release-team
scripts in Python. Still thinking about how to handle the Perl bindings,
but so far:
1. The new install-module does support the perl versioning
2. It isn't aware which perl version belongs to which GNOME release

I think it would be beneficial to have the tarball names start with
'perl-'. This, if the directory within also starts with 'perl-'.

I'm planning to severely restrict the shell access to,
so I want all issues resolved in a nice way. I think if we'd:
1. have perl-*.tar.xz on
2. some way to link the bindings to GNOME versions

We could update our scripts to understand above.

Uploading tarballs will be allowed btw. I think to link tarball names I
probably just define a file 'perl-$GNOME_VER.versions', with contents:
  # module:version

Then our scripts could understand this... and to link perl bindings to
GNOME versions, you could just upload this special file with
install-module (IMPORTANT: before a GNOME release).

Note: I usually do not release GNOME and not sure what the plan is in
relation to gobject-introspection.

I also need to discuss with the rest of the team (whom seem busy).

Above sound like a good idea? Btw: Please do not do anything until
everyone agrees :-)


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