Re: r-t meeting Thursday 2100UTC? (Hardcode Freeze starting in 144 hours)

I may not make it to todays blocker meeting (if there is one), so
here's another update on where we standing:

> Hard code freeze is obviously not very practical with 20+ blockers
> still outstanding...

Some progress here. Don't to 14 blockers at mu last counting.

> To give some progress report on the major outstanding pieces:
> - Owen told me today that he now intends to not merge the ibus support
> for 3.0 after all, since it needs more work, and what we have now is
> kinda ok in most locales.

We got a newer patch for this, not sure it changes our position wrt to
skipping this for 3.0.

> - Dan W has done a few rounds of review of the gnome-shell network
> menu, and it looks fairly close to mergable now - hopefully
> tomorrow...

This has landed yesterday, with a workaround that still puts the
nm-applet icon in the status area if NM 0.8 is running. To get the
full experience, you need NM 0.9.

> - I have spent today hacking furiously on the network panel, and got a
> number of things done; I'd say about halfway through the required
> changes there. When Richard comes back from errata work tomorrow, we
> should be able to make more progress there.

The network panel is looking much better now, after another round of
UI review and patching by Jon + me and feature work by Richard. I
don't think this is on the blocker list anymore. I should point out
that the panel does _not_ work with NM 0.8, it will just show a 'we're
sorry' dialog. So, getting NM 0.9 released (and available in Fedora
and other GNOME3 early-adopter distros) is a high priority, maybe even
a blocker item.

> - Haven't heard much about the progress on reviewing Alex'
> multimonitor patch set

This has landed today, and a list of remaining multihead issues is
being tracked in bugzilla. No longer blocker material either.

Overall, I would say we've made great progress in the last few days.
Which is great, since I will be out from Fri-Sun, so no more blocker
fixes from me before code freeze...


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