Re: What can GNOME do to help distros in the switch to GNOME 3?

Dear all,

Following up on the 'other' initiative towards collaboration I'd like to confirm that we are moving forward with a face to face session between the GNOME release team and distribution representatives on site during the GNOME 3.0 hackfest @ Bangalore during the week of March 28 to April 1.

We have received attendance confirmation from some of the major GNOME packagers/maintainers to the hackfest/conference and we could definitely add this topic to the agenda.

At this stage we will have the pleasure to have representatives of openSUSE, SLED (still trying to convince Stefan though) but Bharath will be there obviously), Debian, Oracle and are still trying to get the right people from Canonical (he just had a new baby - well his wife did...) and someone from Red Hat (Matthias won't make it).

I hope this will encourage others on this list who feel they have something to say to step up and join us in our effort.

Thank you.


On 03/01/2011 02:31 AM, Vincent Untz wrote:

There was some discussion on IRC about GNOME 3 TODOs wrt downstream, and
I guess it doesn't hurt to ask here :-)

For your distribution, is there anything you believe GNOME can do to
make the switch to GNOME 3 easier. This could include:

  - good documentation for users, to explain the changes (what kind of
    details, what kind of changes?)

  - nice notes for packages, so they know what's tricky while updating
    the packages (what kind of stuff is usually tricky for you?)

  - writing scripts to make sure some configuration is kept (even though
    upstream GNOME might consider that it's preferred for user to start
    with a brand new configuration for a specific app)

  - etc.

I believe that with GNOME 2.x, most of this was usually not too hard,
and even though we might not have done a good job at communicating with
downstream for version bumps, the information was findable. But GNOME 3
is a much bigger leap, so we'd like to at least try to improve
communication :-)



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