Re: Possible UI freeze break: acccessibility menu in panel

On Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 6:32 PM, William Jon McCann
<william jon mccann gmail com> wrote:

> No, it was agreed by many that we were not in a position where we can
> turn on a11y by default for 3.0.  There is hopefully no debate at all
> over that.  You can't have *Universal* Access without it.  I am
> committed to providing true Universal Access.  That has been my goal
> from the start.

Of the 10 items in the UA menu, a single one requires toolkit a11y to
be turned on.

> Once again, the bottom line is that 3.0 won't have universal access in
> the shell.  That is a fact, not my opinion.  We can't slap in older
> technologies and pretend that we do.

The UA menu is not about shell a11y, not any more than the sound menu
is about shell sounds.

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