Re: Moduleset Reorganization -- Take two


Am Montag, den 31.01.2011, 22:03 +0100 schrieb Frederic Crozat:
> And this kind of attitude is the best way to ensure people will leave
> release-team..
> Before blaming release-team for all the GNOME deficiencies in GNOME 3,
> maybe you should check who did the "clean-up" in the first place.

Sorry but I feel this is the wrong attitude for this kind of discussion.
The release-team made a proposal for the module reorganisation and I
think everybody is thankful for it. Basically the proposal was to reduce
the "official" release-set to core components and bindings while putting
other applications in "Applications" release-set. This was mostly done
to reduce the workload on the release-team and to keep the release
process manageable.

However, after this proposal there was and still is no formal
announcement of the new release-sets. The answer until know was that the
current status is reflected by the jhbuild sets but could still be

I think it is more than reasonable that people expect a formal
definition of the release-sets with a wiki page [1] together with
listing the requirements and guarantees for each set. I would also be
nice to define what is in the "Applications" set now.

And you must admit that it is not polite to move modules to different
sets with new rules without asking the maintainers.

Nevertheless, nobody wants to blame the release-team for doing
everything wrong because a reorganization was definitely needed but it
would just be nice if it would be completed now that we reach beta state



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