Re: Meeting minutes (January 16th)

Hi Lucas,

> > Attendance of GNOME.Asia conference
> > ===================================
> >
> >  + there's an opportunity to do a hackfest at GNOME.Asia
> >  + two potential dates: the week before 3.0.0 or the week of 3.0.0
> >  + most useful option would possibly be to have marketing + r-t people
> >   the week before, to do some heavy testing and to answer questions
> >   from marketing team
> >  + andre, fredp and vuntz could potentially go
> What are the exact dates here? Depending on the duration and dates I
> might be able to attend.

Quoting Frederic Muller:

  The conference should be on a weekend to get most people involved,
  and the hackfest before the release date (April 6) and spreading over
  5 days, having 2 optional days for people who feel 3 days would be too
  short. That gives us either:

  1. Wednesday March 30th to Friday April 1st: hackfest with 2
  optional days on Monday 28th, and Tuesday 29th March Saturday 2nd
  April: GNOME.Asia Summit 2011 (conference day)

  2. Wednesday April 6th to Friday April 8th: hackfest with 2 optional
  days on Monday 4th, and Tuesday 5th April Saturday 9th April:
  GNOME.Asia Summit 2011 (conference day)



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