Meeting minutes (January 16th)


 Andre Klapper (andre)
 Frederic Crozat (fcrozat) -- a bit late ;-)
 Frederic Peters (fredp)
 Karsten Bräckelmann (guenther)
 Luca Ferretti (elleuca)
 Lucas Rocha (lucasr)
 Olav Vitters (bkor)
 Matthias Clasen (mclasen)
 Vincent Untz (vuntz) -- taking minutes

 Kjartan Maraas (kmaraas)


 + attendance GNOME.Asia conference
 + gnome-applets
 + progress towards GNOME 3.0
   - evolution not using gsettings
   - gnome-shell status (UI freeze, drivers, etc.)
   - 3.0 blocker list / pushing development work
 + module reorganization
   - rygel, gupnp-dlna
   - orca + accerciser (brought here by Germán and API)
   - caribou
   - gedit as core, not app (brought on IRC by nacho)
   - gtkmm stability requirements (brought on ddl and again on IRC),
     Murray is not happy with gtkmm as platform if it means
     having to follow the schedule and stability requirements.
   - in general: current status
 + freedesktop specs
   (making sure everything that should be on freedesktop is available
 + state on the marketing side
 + nightly spins
 + Q4 report
 + AOB


New actions:

  + talk to marketing team about featured apps

  + keep sending the blocker list on a weekly basis

Frederic C:
  + make noise about his gnome3 image, to get wider testing (especially
    on many different hardware)

Frederic P:
  + draft a mail about moduleset reorg (including some note about
    fallback mode) for d-d-l. A few notes:
    - being apps is not a degradation
    - can build any modules if requested
    - apps not fitting GNOME 3 design were moved out of core, but that's
      just until they get fixed to fit the design. And we'll still tell
      downstreams to use them to avoid feature loss for users.
  + will do a first pass at re-adding the platform modulesets. Shaun
    can possibly help with this.
  + talk to Murray about gtkmm.

  + will push for a move from /apps to /org/gnome for GSettings (and
    file bugs against relevant apps)
  + will find a way to check the current status of accessibility in
    GNOME 3 (either by himself, or by asking a11y team)

  + reply to fmueller about GNOME.Asia conference
  + investigate if we can tag apps that should go to core when they
    fit GNOME 3 design, to make it clear to both developers and
    downstreams they will end up in core.
  + write the Q4 report for release team
  + talk to Marina about the notifcation spec and pushing it to fd.o

Attendance of GNOME.Asia conference

 + there's an opportunity to do a hackfest at GNOME.Asia
 + two potential dates: the week before 3.0.0 or the week of 3.0.0
 + most useful option would possibly be to have marketing + r-t people
   the week before, to do some heavy testing and to answer questions
   from marketing team
 + andre, fredp and vuntz could potentially go


 + fallback mode is based on GNOME 2 modules, ported to gtk+ 3 whenever
   possible. That's mostly gnome-panel + metacity.
 + some changes to at least gnome-panel need to be made
 + the default configuration of the panel will possibly be changed to
   make it look more like GNOME Shell
 + gnome-panel should still be able to load old applets (modulo a
   rebuild of the old applets, maybe)
 + while applets will still work, they're not part of the design of 3.0,
   so not a main focus of development. That's why gnome-applets is not
   part of core. But it will still be available for users and
   distributors (assuming a maintainer steps up).
 + to make the fallback mode rock, help is needed. You can test the gtk3
   branch of gnome-panel, or start working on what looks like big

Progress towards GNOME 3.0

 + apps still using gconf (evo, eg):
   - users will likely still have some apps not maintained by GNOME
     requiring gconf for a bit, so not a major issue (even though it's
   - if this means this creates a UI issue, though, we should consider
     this as something to fix. The GSettings->GConf bridge in g-s-d
     should cover most of cases like this, though.
   - we should still push for gsettings ports to happen, especially for
     what is in core

 + gnome-shell status (UI freeze, drivers, etc.):
   - Owen mentioned upcoming UI changes in a mail to d-d-l
   - Fedora will have a gnome3 test day in ~2 weeks that will mainly
     focus on drivers and graphics issues
   - we can use fcrozat's image to get feedback on hardware issues

 + 3.0 blocker list / pushing development work:
   - andre sent a first version to d-d-l two weeks ago
   - it was suggested to remove the pygtk->introspection ones. It's
     something that'd be nice, but is not mandatory strictly speaking,
     at this point. (The pygtk hackfest next week might help a bit).

Moduleset reorganization

 + in general: being in apps instead of core is not a degradation. It's
   worth noting that we can add apps to if wanted.

 + rygel/a11y/others:
   - they got removed at the moment because they don't fit the GNOME 3
     design. But they have no real replacement yet (or they haven't been
     GNOME 3-ized yet).
   - downstreams will ship them anyway since the users won't want to
     lose features. And we'll tell downstreams about that.
   - two options:
     a) keep current situation (not in core)
     b) move to core for now to avoid feature loss, with some
        documentation that proper integration for the GNOME 3 design
        will have to be done
   - the main issue here was poor communication on our side
   - we think it's worth going option a for now (but we need to make
     sure they are indeed listed in apps)

 + gedit: background is that it's a cool app that we want people to know
   about, and not a boring app. So it was put in apps, and not core. It
   is possible to still change that, though. Possibly a discussion to
   have on d-d-l after fredp's mail.

 + adding back the platform moduleset:
   - it got lost because current sets are user-oriented
   - however, it's confusing (eg, it's hard to update the platform
   - we'll just add the platform back (with two subsets: stable and
   - this includes bindings too.
   - extended platform should try to follow the same schedule, but
     doesn't have a hard stability requirement

fd.o specifications

 + very briefly discussed due to lack of time
 + see comments at
 + we need to talk with people to see how to move forward on this

Status of marketing

 + very briefly discussed due to lack of time
 + is nearly ready

Nightly spins

 + fcrozat is working on that, and had a first pass at it available
 + next week should see more improvements

Q4 report

 + very briefly discussed due to lack of time
 + vuntz failed to write the Q3 report but will do the Q4 one


 + GSettings: /apps vs /org/gnome: we need to push for consistency
 + andre has a 3.2 schedule draft ready
 + we probably want to discuss some high-level goals for 3.2 (like
   app developer experience)

Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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