Re: external dependency review for 2.91

Hi Martyn,

Martyn Russell wrote:
> On 01/10/10 03:44, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> >Hi, I looked over the external dependencies for 2.91 [1]. I've bumped
> >the recommended versions to current versions in many places. There are
> >some places where we need to bump mnimal versions:
> So far, I have noticed that SQLite is not new enough for us, we
> currently require 3.7.x, would there be a problem bumping the
> version there? ¹
> Is there a module set for this in jhbuild? Presumably the gnome-3.0
> is the right one to use?

SQLite is considered an external dependency, so it is defined in the
gnome-external-deps-3.0.modules moduleset file; I'd say you should go
ahead and update it, but do note there is currently a patch,
sqlite-3.6.22.dlsym.patch, if necessary you should also update it.



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