external dependency review for 2.91

Hi, I looked over the external dependencies for 2.91 [1]. I've bumped
the recommended versions to current versions in many places. There are
some places where we need to bump mnimal versions:

avahi - need a new version that builds with current gtk3
cairo - bump minimal version to 1.10.0 (gtk3 requires that)
gtk-vnc - bump minimal version to 0.4.1 (vinagre requires that)
libcanberra - need a new version that builds with current gtk3
libchamplain - bump minimal version to 0.8 (empathy requires that)
pixman - bump minimal version to 0.18.4 (cairo requires that)

For some things, I'm not quite sure:

clutter - bump minimal version to 1.4 ? (gnome-shell claims to need 1.2.8)
clutter-gtk - ?
clutter-gst - ?
libcolorblind - do we still need that ?
libggz - do we still need that ? I thought gnome-games dropped it
swfdec - drop ?

Do we need to add mutter and gjs for gnome-shell ?

Comments appreciated, Matthias

[1] http://live.gnome.org/TwoPointNinetyone/ExternalDependencies

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