Re: external dependency review for 2.91

On Thu, 2010-09-30 at 22:44 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:

> For some things, I'm not quite sure:
> clutter - bump minimal version to 1.4 ? (gnome-shell claims to need 1.2.8)

I'd actually want to propose Clutter as part of the desktop modules -
but I've been waiting for the r-t to propose the new platform layout for
GNOME 3.0.

GNOME Shell switched to track Clutter master before the 1.4 release, and
we should be able to maintain master stable enough for the Shell team to
keep using it without much pain. ideally, Shell for GNOME 3.0 should use
Clutter 1.6, which will be released next April.

> clutter-gtk - ?

the current stable version is clutter-gtk 0.10; GNOME 2.91/3.0 should
switch to master, though, as it's the branch that tracks gtk+ 3.0 and
Clutter master.

> clutter-gst - ?

if you bump Clutter to 1.4 then you'll have to require clutter-gst 1.3.

btw, Clutter depends on json-glib -- which then should become either a
desktop library or an external dependency.



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