Re: Request for freeze-break

Johannes Schmid írta:

* Why is not enabled by default? Has it restrictions compared to the
usual account manager
Nah, just that a huge change at the late moment in evo, may cause some
uncertainity. But this all code was with anjal for months I remember.
Just trying to be safer IMO.

Well, it's your decision. Anyway, I hope this will end up in the
mainline soon.

Hmm, the UI would look almost similar, except that the design is a bit
different. It auto configs (aka) auto detects user account cfg based
on a webservice from mozilla ispdb.

That's actually a great thing and one more reason to use it as default.
I was impressed how Thunderbird3 configures mail accounts mostly

* Could you be a bit more specific with the number of strings?
intltool-update should help to get statistics. This has a potential huge
impact on translations as there isn't much time left and not all teams
have lots of manpower. For such a central component as Evolution we
would really want complete and high-quality translations.
My calc says 18 new strings.

OK, that sounds doable. 1 of 2 from i18n.

Approval 2/2 from i18n, go ahead :)

Gabor Kelemen

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