clutter status in gnome

hi everyone;

given the decision:

 + clutter-core (desktop)
   - needed for gnome-shell and other some modules
   - it is still not hosted on the GNOME infrastructure
   - the copyright assignment is still required
   => rejected: we keep clutter-core as an external dependency until
      those issues get fixed
   => we'd like to see the issue around copyright assignment resolved
      as fast as possible

I'd like to ask the team to re-consider their decision in light of the
recent drop of the copyright assignment for Clutter core.

the move to the GNOME infrastructure, alas, is not in our plans, as we
recently got a whole new infrastructure for ourselves.

the Clutter bugzilla instance also hosts projects based on Clutter,
including language bindings, toolkits and applications; those would not
fit in with the GNOME bugzilla. the Clutter bugzilla can, finally, act
as upstream for bugs relative to specific projects that cannot yet be
open sourced or publicly discussed. I'll strive to make the Clutter
bugzilla instance as nice as possible for people using GNOME tools such
as git-bz, but the message coming from positions high above my pay grade
was pretty much clear and removed any wiggle room I could have.

for the Git repository, and considering the distributed nature of the
versioning control system: somebody could host a clone of Clutter core
on, and I could pull trees submitted through that channel
into the main repository just like I'd do from pull from other external
repositories; that would mix the message a bit for distributions,
though, so I'd like to avoid it if at all possible.

since I realize that this email might be a tad too late in the cycle,
I'll understand if you don't want to revise your position now, and in
that case, I ask you to consider this an early submission for GNOME 3.2.


Emmanuele Bassi, Open Source Software Engineer
Intel Open Source Technology Center

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