modules without releases

Hey team,

while preparing the modulesets, I've compiled a list of modules that
haven't seen a release recently:

cheese (2.30.1)
gdm (2.31.1)
gnome-applets (2.30.0) (where is the dbus port ?)
gnome-disk-utility (2.30.1)
gnome-media (2.30.0) (git has ccpanel port, gseal fixes, symbolic icons)
gnome-screensaver (2.30.0) (git has gseal fixes)
gnome-system-monitor (2.28.1)
gnome-user-share (2.30.0)
gnome-utils (2.30.0) (git has gseal fixes)
libgnome-keyring (2.30.1)
libgweather (2.30.2) (gtk-using library)
libwnck (2.30.2) (gtk-using library)
metacity (2.30.1) (gtk-using-library)
seahorse (2.30.1) (git has gseal fixes)
sound-juicer (2.28.2) (git has gtkbuilder port, gseal fixes)
devhelp (2.30.1)

at least some of these cause problems:
libgweather: pulls gtk2 into evolution
libmetacity-private: pulls gtk2 into control-center

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