Remove deprecated libraries from official GNOME3.0 moduleset


I'd like to proposse to the release team a feasible plan to remove the
deprecated libraries before share this with the rest of the community.

After cleaning python dependencies and some work in some "conflictive" modules:

- Make panel applet support optional in Tomboy [1]
- Make bonobo optional in orca [2]
- Add introspection to gnome-panel [3] (and vuntz fixed a bug to make
possible compile gnome-panel without bonobo)

this can be the plan for gnome-suites-3.0 (official GNOME modules) moduleset:
(Note that removed == move to gnome-3.0 moduleset)


[3.0] Remove deprecated gnome-sharp bindings package

    gnome-desktop-sharp has to be removed as It depends on gnome-sharp
    I've filled bug [4]

[3.0] Disable modules that depend on gnome panel python bindings

    Move deskbar-applet to gnome-3.0 and disable gnome applets that
    depend on python panel bindings
    Note that gnome-panel has introspection support now [2], so we don't need

[3.0] Disable gnome-mag

    It depends on multiple deprecated stuf (bonobo, orbit, gnome-python ...).
    Disable until the port to the new a11y framework is done. (We have
a magnifier in gnome-shell anyway)

[3.0] Build dasher without a11y support

    Until It's not ported to the new a11y framework

[3.0] Remove at-spi deprecated module

    Use the new at-spi2-core and at-spi2-atk instead

[3.0] Remove gnome-python and gnome-python-desktop modules

    gnome-python provide bindings to deprecated stuff and the
    libraries supported for gnome-python-desktop has introspection
    support on it.
    Also, pygi is already merged in pygobject [5]. In theory pygobject should
    now be the only thing needed if you want to do GTK+/Gnome coding in Python.

[3.0] Remove libgnomeui library
[3.0] Removed deprecated libbonoboui library
[3.0] Remove libgnome deprecated library
[3.0] Remove libgnomecanvas deprecated library

    Remove libart_lgpl at the same time

[3.0] Remove gnome-vfs deprecated library

    Remove gnome-mime-data at the same time

[3.0] Remove libbonobo deprecated module
[3.0] Remove libglade deprecated module

    It's an optional dependency of python (pygtk) and mono bindings so It can
    be safely removed.

At this point, GConf (and its ORBit and libidl dependencies) can be
removed if all the modules were ported to GSettings [6]

Comments welcomed,

Javier Jardón Cabezas

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