Re: [DRAFT] Modulesets Reorganization


Le dimanche 23 mai 2010, à 20:19 +0100, Lucas Rocha a écrit :
> Questions:
> - Do we still want to merge Admin and Dev Tools into Applications moduleset?

I guess so.

> - Any better name for the Platform Extras moduleset?

I like the Extended Platform.

> - Do we need to show the initial split of modules in some wiki page?

I'm unsure we should link the wiki page right now, for a few reasons:
 + we probably want to do another pass at it
 + it talks about various other possibilities
 + it says Core instead of Desktop


> Proposed (re)organization
> -------------------------
> With that said, the release team would like to propose the following
> reorganization of the modulesets:
> 1. The Desktop moduleset will be split into two modulesets: Desktop and
> Applications. Desktop will contain the components needed to get a desktop
> session running and provide core functionalities (e.g. gdm, gnome-session,
> gnome-settings-daemon, nautilus, etc). The Applications moduleset will contain
> all approved apps that provide extra relevant features to the desktop (e.g.
> gedit, totem, etc).
> 2. Bindings will be merged into the Platform moduleset and become first-class
> citizens on the development Platform. The goal is to make the bindings more
> prominent from a communication perspective.
> 3. Create a moduleset to hold our highly indicated libraries such GStreamer,
> e-d-s, and others. This moduleset will be called Platform Extras.

I must admit I'm a bit mixed here; I'd love us to include the extended
platform in the platform itself; have it as a submoduleset, for example.

> 4. Admin and Dev Tools will be merged into the new Applications moduleset.
> In summary, this means that the GNOME releases would be composed by the
> following modulesets:
>  - Desktop
>  - Platform
>  - Platform Extras
>  - Mobile

Interestingly, you don't put Applications in the list of modulesets
here. And I think it's right. So maybe we shouldn't talk about moduleset
for Applications, since it's a bit different? Maybe we should just have
an index/directory of "approved" Applications?

> Extra information
> -----------------
> We're planning to do the actual reorganization of the modulesets as soon as
> possible during this development cycle. The idea is that GNOME 3 is released
> using the modulesets.
> Our initial idea is that the Desktop moduleset would ideally only contain
> components with reduced or no branding. On the other hand, the long term plan

We should make it clear that branding here is app branding, not GNOME

FWIW, it'd be great to be able to send this today; or maybe I should
send the new modules decisions mail with a mention that this will come


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