Re: [DRAFT] Modulesets Reorganization

Vincent Untz wrote:

> > 3. Create a moduleset to hold our highly indicated libraries such GStreamer,
> > e-d-s, and others. This moduleset will be called Platform Extras.
> I must admit I'm a bit mixed here; I'd love us to include the extended
> platform in the platform itself; have it as a submoduleset, for example.

I am fine with a "extended platform" section, in the platform

> > 4. Admin and Dev Tools will be merged into the new Applications moduleset.
> > 
> > In summary, this means that the GNOME releases would be composed by the
> > following modulesets:
> >  - Desktop
> >  - Platform
> >  - Platform Extras
> >  - Mobile
> Interestingly, you don't put Applications in the list of modulesets
> here. And I think it's right. So maybe we shouldn't talk about moduleset
> for Applications, since it's a bit different? Maybe we should just have
> an index/directory of "approved" Applications?

Right, the Applications are not under release team "governance"; by
the way should we prepare the creation a new team, to approve/rate


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