Re: [DRAFT] Modulesets Reorganization

Hi Vincent,

2010/6/1 Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org>:
> Hey,
> Le dimanche 23 mai 2010, à 20:19 +0100, Lucas Rocha a écrit :
>> Questions:
>> - Do we still want to merge Admin and Dev Tools into Applications moduleset?
> I guess so.
>> - Any better name for the Platform Extras moduleset?
> I like the Extended Platform.

Me too.

>> - Do we need to show the initial split of modules in some wiki page?
> I'm unsure we should link the wiki page right now, for a few reasons:
>  + we probably want to do another pass at it
>  + it talks about various other possibilities
>  + it says Core instead of Desktop

Ok. We can come up with a more stable wiki page in the next days. No
need to block the announcement because of that I guess.

> [...]
>> Proposed (re)organization
>> -------------------------
>> With that said, the release team would like to propose the following
>> reorganization of the modulesets:
>> 1. The Desktop moduleset will be split into two modulesets: Desktop and
>> Applications. Desktop will contain the components needed to get a desktop
>> session running and provide core functionalities (e.g. gdm, gnome-session,
>> gnome-settings-daemon, nautilus, etc). The Applications moduleset will contain
>> all approved apps that provide extra relevant features to the desktop (e.g.
>> gedit, totem, etc).
>> 2. Bindings will be merged into the Platform moduleset and become first-class
>> citizens on the development Platform. The goal is to make the bindings more
>> prominent from a communication perspective.
>> 3. Create a moduleset to hold our highly indicated libraries such GStreamer,
>> e-d-s, and others. This moduleset will be called Platform Extras.
> I must admit I'm a bit mixed here; I'd love us to include the extended
> platform in the platform itself; have it as a submoduleset, for example.

Submodulesets can be confusing though. I think it's more clear (from a
communication pov) to have modulesets with rules/guidelines that
should be followed. Adding 'exceptions' inside a moduleset can be a
bit confusing I think.

>> 4. Admin and Dev Tools will be merged into the new Applications moduleset.
>> In summary, this means that the GNOME releases would be composed by the
>> following modulesets:
>>  - Desktop
>>  - Platform
>>  - Platform Extras
>>  - Mobile
> Interestingly, you don't put Applications in the list of modulesets
> here. And I think it's right. So maybe we shouldn't talk about moduleset
> for Applications, since it's a bit different? Maybe we should just have
> an index/directory of "approved" Applications?

True. I'm sending a new draft with that change. I thought the idea was
to initially have a moduleset which would be

>> Extra information
>> -----------------
>> We're planning to do the actual reorganization of the modulesets as soon as
>> possible during this development cycle. The idea is that GNOME 3 is released
>> using the modulesets.
>> Our initial idea is that the Desktop moduleset would ideally only contain
>> components with reduced or no branding. On the other hand, the long term plan
> We should make it clear that branding here is app branding, not GNOME
> branding.

Ok. New draft cover this I guess.

> FWIW, it'd be great to be able to send this today; or maybe I should
> send the new modules decisions mail with a mention that this will come
> soon?

I'm sending a new draft now. I can send the announcement today if we
all agree it's good to go.


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