Re: Leaving r-t? [was: Re: Meeting minutes (April 10th)]

On Thu, 2010-08-05 at 20:36 +0200, Andre Klapper wrote:
> > Vincent will leave the team after the release of 3.0. Andre and Frédéric
> > (Crozat) are considering leaving too. However, we can't let too many
> > people leave at the same time, to make sure knowledge is passed to new
> > members and exprience is not lost.

> So in order to avoid having too many people leaving at the same time
> everybody should clarify his plans maybe?
> I plan to stay around at least until 3.0 is out, most probably 3.2 even.
> It's not that I currently actively plan to leave, it's just that a rule
> of mine is to force myself to move on and try new things from time to
> time. ;-)
> Others? Vincent, Frederic?

Well, since GARNOME is on hiatus and thus I stopped building on an
almost daily basis, I feel slightly useless for the team. The building
and spotting issues early was the main reason, if not the reason, for me
to get invited to RT.

I have indeed been pondering leaving the team, due to that very reason.
Reading the meeting minutes of the one meeting I missed, where
coincidentally this topic has been brought up, I was quite surprised to
see others planning to leave -- RT members who have been much more
active and of value than myself the last few cycles.

On the other hand, I would like to just contribute more to this team. So
maybe I should try picking up some lose ends, or even shelling out some
time for builds.

> And no criticism intended, but to me Karsten and Kjartan look a bit
> inactive recently, but please correct me if my impression is wrong as my
> point of view is often quite limited.
> I definitely don't want to kick out people but make sure that we're
> "active" enough, as IMO the r-t is sometimes too quiet when discussion
> or feedback is expected (either from other r-t members, or the GNOME
> community).

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