Re: Hard code freeze break: Anjuta - Save doesn't always save

Hi Frederic, hi Vincent!

> The patch has unrelated stuff in www/htdocs, plugins/git and
> src/main.c.
> Also you went from g_output_stream_write_async to
> g_file_replace_contents_async, is this necessary for the
> push/pop/save_count change ?

I fixed a trivial but wrong (error instead of error->message) warning in
main.c. I am unaware of any change in the git plugin (that shouldn't
happen). Same for the htdocs thing - I will add a new clean patch to the

I moved to g_file_replace_contents because it's the right thing to do
and using g_output_stream added unnecessary custom code. I can make the
patch using g_output_stream too though if you like that better.


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