Re: Modules needing a release for 2.26.0

Vincent Untz wrote:
Hi all,

Here's a list of modules that didn't see a release since quite some
time. It'd be nice to be sure that they either had no change at all, or
that someone rolls a tarball for 2.26.0 in 10 days.

Note that if there's no news for a module before March 16th, the release
team will roll tarballs for those modules. Volunteers to help roll
tarballs are welcome.

No new release since 2.24.0

dasher                    4.9.0      4.9.0

It looks like Patrick Welche (dasher inf phy cam ac uk) took over maintainership a couple days ago:

He seems to be actively working on things:

So, I'd guess he's the one to spin a new release. :-) Patrick - if you need help, let me know.


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