Status of GNOME 2.27.3, from the building side

Hi guys,

I've just released GNOME 2.27.3 and for those of you who didn't hang on
IRC when I was fighting with building the entire stack and I must say
I'm extremely disappointed by all the issues I found in the process,
mostly because maintainers are not doing correctly their jobs when they
are releasing tarballs (sorry for the rant):

- a lot of build dependency were missing in jhbuild modulesets :
 - webkit had a missing dependency on libsoup
 - pixman was building with gtk enabled, pulling system gtk in the
 - libcanberra was built before gtk, causing all programs depending on
libcanberra to fail to build, because they need libcanberra-gtk
 - gnome-desktop-sharp has a missing dep on gnome-sharp
 - telepathy-farsight had a hard dependency on gst-python
( )
 - no clutter-gtk dep on libchampain
- some stable module are not building with current stack :
 - gtkmm : )
 - seahorse-plugins depends on a "gecko" epiphany
- webkit 1.1.10 wasn't released in time, preventing epiphany build
- being overloaded (it should have been using to use SF mirrors, fixed now)
- some released tarballs are not buildable, because they rely on
unreleased external dependencies (gnome-games 2.27.3)

Thanks to Fred Peters who helped me by fixing a lot of issues in
modulesets when I was discovering them. 

How can we get maintainers to improve what they are released so it is
not up to release team to fix those issues ?

Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandriva com>

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