Evolution thoughts for GNOME 3.0


I just wanted to start this once Mathew Barnes posts his status for Kill
Bonobo branch (Bonobo deprecation). Lemme start right away, with my
thought/proposal. I wanted to do the following.

- Continue Evolution 2.26 as stable series till 3.0 comes out.
- Treat Evolution 2.28 as a intermediate milestone for GNOME/Evolution
- Continue releasing Evolution 2.26.x  (Evolution 2.26.5/6/7...) series
as stable releases for GNOME 2.28.1/2/3 instead of releasing Evolution

Its mainly this and the reasons to follow.

I expect lot of rewrites, dbus port merge, bonobo deprecation (kill
bonobo merge). etc. I don't think, Evolution 2.28 can be stable, unless
I postpone these tasks which might merge late in 2.28 cycle to really
2.29.x. But postponing merges at times, doesn't really mean that it will
finish in time, when the targets are relaxed/moved to 2.29.x I really
wanted to take up these merges even though they are late, and go ahead
for a stable 3.0. The main difference it makes is that, I can get over
these tasks asap with out looking for a interim-stability series and aim
good for a stable Evolution for GNOME 3.0. It gives a good window IMHO.

Thoughts on this? 

Secondly, Evolution uses GNOME canvas in and around every UI. I wanted
to know the future direction/migration path, haven't seen one before.
Its gonna be another painful task like deprecating bonobo with in
Evolution :/. I would like to vote against this, if there is a


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