Re: Evolution thoughts for GNOME 3.0

Am Mittwoch, den 17.06.2009, 23:50 +0530 schrieb Srinivasa Ragavan:
> - Continue Evolution 2.26 as stable series till 3.0 comes out.
> - Treat Evolution 2.28 as a intermediate milestone for GNOME/Evolution
> 3.0
> - Continue releasing Evolution 2.26.x  (Evolution 2.26.5/6/7...) series
> as stable releases for GNOME 2.28.1/2/3 instead of releasing Evolution
> 2.28.1/2/3.

You might call the stable Evolution releases "2.28.x" but create them
from the gnome-2-26 branch. On the other hand that is confusing if you
were up to continue calling the unstable series for 3.0 "2.27.x".
So we ship e.g. Evolution 2.26.6/.7 for GNOME 2.28.1/.2?

r-t: Having GNOME releases in mind I wonder which release suite an
Evolution 2.27.13 release would be part of in the last weeks of GNOME
2.27.x - I don't think we should include a 2.27.13 Evolution release in
e.g. GNOME 2.27.92. People expect components of a release candidate (two
weeks before a major release) to be way more stable than Evolution
2.27.13 at that time (6 months before a major release).
So how to ensure testing of the continued unstable branch in the last
weeks before 2.28.0?
r-t could think of an additional 2.29.0 release (shipping all modules
that have branched for gnome-3-0 already before 2.28 release) maybe one
week before 2.28.0?

> I expect lot of rewrites, dbus port merge, bonobo deprecation (kill
> bonobo merge). etc. I don't think, Evolution 2.28 can be stable, unless
> I postpone these tasks which might merge late in 2.28 cycle to really
> 2.29.x.
> Thoughts on this? 

After some bad experiences with kill-summary bugs in 2.24.x I agree with
your proposal to continue 2.27.x for the next 9 months and kind of drop

> Secondly, Evolution uses GNOME canvas in and around every UI. I wanted
> to know the future direction/migration path, haven't seen one before.
> Its gonna be another painful task like deprecating bonobo with in
> Evolution :/. I would like to vote against this, if there is a
> possibility.

I still have not found out when and why libgnomecanvas was deprecated by
the release-team. Maybe someone remembers?

According to Evolution, planner
and gthumb use libgnomecanvas.

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