Re: On PyGTK and Python GNOME bindings maintainership

Alberto Ruiz wrote:
> Hello Release Team and Pygobject/Pygtk/python-gnome contributors.
> Just noticed that Johan seems a bit busy these days and he removed
> himself from the .daop files in pygobject and pygtk and passed over
> the mentorship of the pybank GSoC to me.
> Now, I think that in general we should be supportive to maintainers
> wanting to hand over the maintainerhip of a module, specially for
> people like Johan who had done a great job over the years.
> For that reason, and given that there's been no activity in the python
> bindings land for the lastest weeks, Frederic Peters and myself have
> volunteered to comaintain the modules to help on the GNOME 3.0
> roadmap.
> Neither of us are experts on the matter but we care about the module
> enough to at least have the will to get things into an acceptable
> state, we hope we can gather support from people in the community with
> more experience on the actual toolchain.
> The priority at this point would be to review the pending bugs/patches
> and to plan the split of the deprecated stuff in python-gnome-desktop
> to a deprecated module.
> I wanted to send this email to give the release team and the people
> involved in the project a heads up on the issue just in case anyone
> has any objections to Frederic and myself helping here. If someone
> more familiar with the module wants to help or assume the
> maintainership I'm all for it as well. If not, Frederic and myself
> will go ahead as long as the release team is okay with it.
Just to be clear, is anyone offering to maintain the gnome-python*
modules?  It would certainly be fine by me ;-)  I am only barely
maintaining them, for the love of free software, and for a sense of
responsibility, because I have much less time to dedicate to them these
days than I did before.

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