On PyGTK and Python GNOME bindings maintainership

Hello Release Team and Pygobject/Pygtk/python-gnome contributors.

Just noticed that Johan seems a bit busy these days and he removed
himself from the .daop files in pygobject and pygtk and passed over
the mentorship of the pybank GSoC to me.

Now, I think that in general we should be supportive to maintainers
wanting to hand over the maintainerhip of a module, specially for
people like Johan who had done a great job over the years.

For that reason, and given that there's been no activity in the python
bindings land for the lastest weeks, Frederic Peters and myself have
volunteered to comaintain the modules to help on the GNOME 3.0

Neither of us are experts on the matter but we care about the module
enough to at least have the will to get things into an acceptable
state, we hope we can gather support from people in the community with
more experience on the actual toolchain.

The priority at this point would be to review the pending bugs/patches
and to plan the split of the deprecated stuff in python-gnome-desktop
to a deprecated module.

I wanted to send this email to give the release team and the people
involved in the project a heads up on the issue just in case anyone
has any objections to Frederic and myself helping here. If someone
more familiar with the module wants to help or assume the
maintainership I'm all for it as well. If not, Frederic and myself
will go ahead as long as the release team is okay with it.

Alberto Ruiz

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