Re: On PyGTK and Python GNOME bindings maintainership

On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 8:56 PM, Alberto Ruiz<aruiz gnome org> wrote:
> Hello Release Team and Pygobject/Pygtk/python-gnome contributors.

Hi Alberto,

> Just noticed that Johan seems a bit busy these days and he removed
> himself from the .daop files in pygobject and pygtk and passed over
> the mentorship of the pybank GSoC to me.
> Now, I think that in general we should be supportive to maintainers
> wanting to hand over the maintainerhip of a module, specially for
> people like Johan who had done a great job over the years.
> For that reason, and given that there's been no activity in the python
> bindings land for the lastest weeks, Frederic Peters and myself have
> volunteered to comaintain the modules to help on the GNOME 3.0
> roadmap.

That's not quite true, me and Paul Pogonyshev have done quite a lot of
work in the past weeks, yesterday I've prepared the pygobject 2.19.0
release and I was just waiting for John Finlay to push some more work
before to release, here is the NEWS file sitting on my HDD:

2.19.0 10-aug-2009
        - Add macros to help with Python list to/from GList/GSList conversions.
          (John Finlay)
        - GIO docs almost completed (Gian)
        - GFileInfo.list_attributes should accept None/NULL (Gian)
        - Strip out Windows DLL API macros (John Finlay)
        - Document that many functions got moved gobject -> glib (Paul)
        - Allow to work when there are tabs or multiple spaces after
          the struct keyword. (Murray Cumming)
        - Fix build when builddir is not the same as srcdir
          (Theppitak Karoonboonyanan)
        - Make gio.Emblem constructor new-style (Paul)
        - Cleanup GIO overrides to use Python function/method names (Paul)
        - Make codegen report errors using Python function/method names (Paul)
        - Fix object type in gio.BufferedInputStream_fill_async (Gian)
        - Wrap gio.BufferedInputStream.fill_async (Gian)
        - Add gio.BufferedOutputStream which was forgotten in the types (Gian)
        - Split overrides for gio.MemoryOutputStream (Gian)
        - Wrap gio.memory_input_stream_new_from_data (Gian)
        - Introduces the girepository module from the former PyBank
          (Simon van der Linden)
        - Add API appeared in 2.20 but not marked as such in gio docs (Gian)
        - Wrap gio.FileOutputStream.query_info_async (Gian)
        - Wrap gio.FileInputStream.query_async (Gian)
        - Install executable codegen parts with executing permissions (Paul)
        - Wrap gio.DataInputStream.read_line_async and read_until_async (Paul)
        - Fix gio.OutputStream.splice_async (Paul)
        - Add GIO 2.20 API and update docs (Gian)

Shall I do the release or you want to do it?

> Neither of us are experts on the matter but we care about the module
> enough to at least have the will to get things into an acceptable
> state, we hope we can gather support from people in the community with
> more experience on the actual toolchain.

If you are willing to take over maintenance you are very welcome, but
I think it would be fair to ask Paul if he is willing to join the
mainteinership with you since he has done plenty of wonderful work on
both pygobject and pygtk, I've cc'd him.

> The priority at this point would be to review the pending bugs/patches
> and to plan the split of the deprecated stuff in python-gnome-desktop
> to a deprecated module.

This would be up to Gustavo to decide since he maintains the modules.

> I wanted to send this email to give the release team and the people
> involved in the project a heads up on the issue just in case anyone
> has any objections to Frederic and myself helping here. If someone
> more familiar with the module wants to help or assume the
> maintainership I'm all for it as well. If not, Frederic and myself
> will go ahead as long as the release team is okay with it.

Waiting for a decision I remain.

Gian Mario Tagliaretti
GNOME Foundation member
gianmt gnome org

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