Re: "Automatic" bump of some external deps

Matthias Clasen wrote:

> > What kind of new guidelines could we set here ?  Some ideas:
> >
> >  - only bumping of minor version
> >   - and for modules with a promise of ABI stability
> >  - only for external deps that are required by <n modules
> >
> > Comments ?
> These guidelines are already on the page, no ?
> [..]
> What else do we need ?

Sorry, I was talking about the minimal versions, i.e. to somehow lift
the "If you want to add a new dependency or want one of the minimum
versions updated, make a good case for it on desktop-devel-list [...]
Be prepared for others to take a few days to test it."

Case in point being the telepathy-glib mail sent earlier on d-d-l, but
the same situation happened in the past with Clutter, for example.


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