Re: "Automatic" bump of some external deps

On Thu, Apr 23, 2009 at 5:24 AM, Frederic Peters <fpeters gnome org> wrote:
> Hello all,
> Sometime during last cycle we talked a bit about automatic bumping of
> certain external dependencies, although I think it was related to
> Ekiga (which has the unfortunate tendency to depend on unreleased
> versions of ptlib and opal), it may also have sense for others.
> What kind of new guidelines could we set here ?  Some ideas:
>  - only bumping of minor version
>   - and for modules with a promise of ABI stability
>  - only for external deps that are required by <n modules
> Comments ?

These guidelines are already on the page, no ?

This page can be updated at any time by the release-team. Others
outside the release team can update the micro version number of
modules if:

    * they introduce no other new (or newer) external dependencies

      the module has committed to API/ABI stability guidelines
equivalent to those of our Developer Platform or Platform Bindings
    * the person who does the updates ensures that jhbuild and GARNOME
are either updated or at least notified of the need to update. Please
update only the recommended version instead of the minimum version
unless an official GNOME module will require the newer version to

What else do we need ?

I have just recently updated the recommended column in the 2.27
ext.deps. to be up-to-date with current releases. I still have to sync
the jhbuild moduleset to that, though.


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