doable non-forceful tasks

I promised to look into finding a few 'doable non-forceful tasks' to
promote for this cycle.

This sounds like a very good description of what we already have in
the form of 'gnome goals' ( Looking
at the currently written-up goals there, I think we should promote the
"Remove use of Glib deprecated symbols" one (and add another one for
deprecated GTK+ symbols).  That will help with the GTK3 conversion
down the road. I've also talked to the translators about "Migrate from
using string context to msgctxt" and they are eager to see that
completed this cycle too - I've actually done it for GTK+ in trunk
last night.

Other than than, we might also want to write up the already proposed
'get rid of libgnome' as a goal, so that we can track the progress


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