gnome three

As promised on Sunday, I had a chat with Owen about the hackfest and
how to get from there to three.
Here is what I took away (correct me if I misrepresent anything, Owen)

- It would be good to have a somewhat broader vision for gnome 3 than
just "new shell". Might need to get some more momentum behind
Federicos "journal" idea.

- Owen thinks it is doable to have a usable prototype of the new shell by 2.28

- He warns against using a separate jhbuild moduleset. The online
desktop experience with that approach was not very good, since
building a whole separate moduleset is just not easy enough. Better to
make the new stuff build on top of  the regular gnome moduleset and
make it easy to switch components.

- Down the road, some other parts of the desktop need to get involved,
e.g. applets need to be replaced/rewritten for the new shell.


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