Re: Evolution/MAPI

> Define "Openchange". Is that a package?
> If so, where can I find it?
Sigh, Kick me. I always wanted to mention Openchange's libmapi, but
missed it. So correcting. Evolution MAPI provider would need external
dependencies of 
      * libmapi
      * samba4

> We prefer tarballs and dislike depending on svn revisions.

Sure, but the last time we were based on libmapi-0.7's particular
version. We surely would depend on libmapi-0.8, but some time later, as
this new version brings in API changes which we aren't interested much
to change atm. It changes the architecture a bit around supporting
multiple Exchange connections. So I might depend on 0.8 may be some time
later, but for now, I would stick to a particular version. Even libmapi
for that matter depends on a particular samba4 revision than some

> Is there a roadmap available for Openchange and Samba4?
> Found a useless one for libmapi at

I think thatz it. Im not aware of anything else.

> libmapi 0.8 was announced for the end of October, but I can't find a
> tarball.
> Would be depending on the libmapi-0.8 tarball be an option once it's
> available?

It might take some time before we move to depending on libmapi-0.8, for
the reasons I said above. But surely we would be on it in some time.
Just a matter of investing some effort, which isn't possible atm.


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