Re: Evolution/MAPI

Am Montag, den 17.11.2008, 10:04 +0530 schrieb Srinivasa Ragavan:
> Guys,
> We are done with Evolution re-licensing and I would like to put in the
> MAPI provider for GNOME 2.26. We are looking at proposing the MAPI
> provider as a separate module, than to merge it inside Evolution code. 
> But the big questions we have are, how to deal with Openchange and
> Samba4 dependencies.
> Both Openchange and Samba are unstable and the way we work around is to
> freeze on a particular git/svn revision and keep developing. We are
> looking at external dependencies of Openchange and Samba4. 
> What do you guys feel about this? Any thoughts/suggestions?

Define "Openchange". Is that a package?
If so, where can I find it?

We prefer tarballs and dislike depending on svn revisions.

Is there a roadmap available for Openchange and Samba4?
Found a useless one for libmapi at 
libmapi 0.8 was announced for the end of October, but I can't find a

Would be depending on the libmapi-0.8 tarball be an option once it's

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