Re: conduit in gnome-suites-2.26.modules

Matthias Clasen wrote:

> Done. While we are talking about jhbuild modulesets, I think our
> current makeup is somewhat confusing, as witnessed by
> saying "yes" for
> brasero jhbuild integration. Looking at the actual modulesets, it was
> added to gnome-2.26.modules, not to gnome-suites-2.26.modules. Can we
> revise the modulesets shipped in jhbuild to avoid this confusion ?

There was never a clear way devised to declare proposed modules;
sometimes they were moved to gnome-suites-, sometimes they were just
declared as a dependency of the meta- module.

I moved brasero to gnome-suites-2.26, and removed duplicated modules
from gnome-2.26 (brasero, gnome-user-share, unique).


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